Run Environment file — to connect to the correct database
[oracle@erpdb ~]$ .
Launch SQLPLUS as sysdba user
[oracle@erpdb ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
<SQL> select
substr(a.spid,1,9) pid,
substr(b.sid,1,5) sid,
substr(b.serial#,1,5) ser#,
substr(b.machine,1,6) box,
substr(b.username,1,10) username,
— b.server,
substr(b.osuser,1,8) os_user,
substr(b.program,1,30) program
v$session b,
v$process a
b.paddr = a.addr
and type=’USER’
and b.SID=’1234′
order by spid;
give blocking session Stuck SID number in above query where b.SID=’1234’
This query will provide you PID
Copy that PID go to Database server putty
[oracle@erpdb ~]$ ps –ef|grep <PID>
Suppose PID is 567
([oracle@erpdb ~]$ ps –ef|grep 567)
Now kill that session
[oracle@erpdb ~]$ kill -9 <grep 567 number>

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