step 1. Database_preReq.txt
step 2. GG_setup.txt
step 3. 01_CDC.txt
step 4. NOW start the EXTRACT & PUMP @SOURCE only, but NOT REPLICAT, should NOT start REPLICAT now
step 5. RECORD CURRENT_SCN @SOURCE database:
select current_scn from v$database;    – orcl database
step 6. RECORD this SCN number, you’ll be needing this at the time of starting the REPLICAT
step 7. start the initial loads:
a. InitialLoad_RegularTables.txt
b. InitialLoad_LobTables.txt        – recommended and fast method, can use this all types of tables too.
step 8. after initial load completed on the tables, which belong to each group, now you can start the REPLICAT
step 9. start replicat @TARGET
ggsci> start replicat rGR01cus, aftercsn <current_scn (#5)    – this starts your replication from source to target, please make sure that replication is going on.

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